Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hello from Fort Myers Beach

Our little island has been on the national news lately. Our town manager, Scott Janke got fired without cause this week. Word leaked out that his wife, Anabel is a porn star. I met Anabel and she never spoke of her career. I wonder why? I was telling her that I was an actor and acting instructor here on the beach, but no mention of her successful adult acting career. Hmmm! Would have loved to have her join the class. LOL. A method acting porn star. Now that would be a first. Well, maybe not. Anyway, I don't believe that her husband should have gotten fired over his wife's career in porn, but I do understand that dinner and other social gatherings with the Senator and his wife would be weird now that the cat is out of the bag. The town council and mayor say that they didn't fire him over his wife's career, but to avoid publicity taking him from his work. UH, would it have escalated this far if they didn't fire him? Anyway, as they say. "Any publicity is good publicity". So, I am sure Anabel's fame is escalating as also our little island has made the map. Just hope it doesn't hurt tourism, because that is how our family friendly Island survives. Oh well, so much for a dirty little secret.

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