Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ah, Politics

Yes, we are all told not to speak politics or religion in public, but it sure makes people come out of the woods and voice their opinions. I haven't had as many responses to this blog in a long time. Some may say I am trying to heat things up here. Well, actually I am just interested in hearing opinions of all of you that visit my site. I personally am really looking forward to this election and am proud to be part of a more diverse nation.

Monday, March 10, 2008

They think they are so intelligent

Wow, can't tell you how many republicans I have come across in this state. They think that they are the most intelligent party. They also believe that they are so witty by voting in caucuses and primaries for the democratic runner that they believe will be easily beat by McCain in November. Well, the problem with that is that they have not overwhelmingly picked the same candidate. Well, I am assured now that many of them will be very disappointed when the democratic nominee is finally revealed. I personally believe that either Democratic candidate will overwhelmingly beat out McCain in November. They are both very intelligent and it would be nice to have a president that speaks well for a change.