Friday, October 31, 2008

Whats in a name?

Ok, in the last four years I have inquiries from two people that were trying to reach the writer, director Beverly D'Onofrio (Riding in cars with Boys). How can the name Elizabeth have anything to do with the name, Beverly. Hmmm! Well, I am honored to be confused with such a great woman. Although it seems weird to me that the two people that made this mistake reside in the same circles. So for those of you confused by the names Beverly and Elizabeth. I am Elizabeth D'Onofrio, known mostly for my Instruction of The Method and character roles in independent films. Not to mention the sister of actor, Vincent D'Onofrio. The best to you, Beverly. Looking forward to seeing any of your new work.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Got it!

K, everyone, I got everyone I need for ON THE HARD. Woo! Wee! Its time to work really hard on getting this off the ground. You can see more about it soon on the Island Arts Foundation website. Just stay tuned for it, it may not be up as of yet. Also, if you want to find out more about whats going on, on our island here in Florida, subscribe to The Island Sandpaper at . You can subscribe online or have it mailed to your door. Even in Europe, I believe. We have lots of visitors here from around the world. Well, time for me to get to work on my lovely project. Yes, I just got the ok from AEA, for the Island Arts Foundation to have me work as a special appearance actor. So, gotta learn those lines and keep the others on their toes. K, now its time for you to all say, "Break-a-Leg".

Monday, October 13, 2008

ON THE HARD, again

Hello all,

I am currently producing, directing and acting in a new play by Fay Graetz, called "On The Hard". I am still looking for two men, one in their 30's and one in their late 60's. I am going to start rehearsal on Monday, the 20th of October, so I really need to fill the cast now. I am also looking for someone interested in being my assistant director. Please let anyone that lives in the Fort Myers, Naples, Florida area that may be interested, know of this post. I will be holding auditions on Thursday from 6-8pm. Please contact me through my site email.
Thank you and have a nice day

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Some more beach poetry

Sliver of a moon

Sliver of a moon, lit brightly
by the recent setting sun.
Clouds forming castles in the sky.
Footprints in the sand leading
to the now dark waters of the Gulf.
All this magnificance just steps
from my doorway.
America's in turmoil
turn off the news and reach
out to what we still have
in nature.

One Hundred Steps

One hundred steps she takes
that leads to her footprints
in the sand.
The dark of night lit by only
a quarter moon,
reflects on the water like a spotlight
on the world's largest stage.
"All the world's a stage", her lover
quotes of Shakespeare, as she tells him
of her epiphany.
One hundred steps leading to her special
place where dreams come true.

*** Just say No to Palin:
no drill, baby drill, on my euphoric wonderland.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I am currently producing a stage play called, "On The Hard". It's about people that live on their boats in a marina, and we are going to perform it here at The Purple Heart Theater, on the beach. Wooo! Weee! I'm so excited! I'm finally "back in the saddle". Well, actually "riding the bow". That may not be a quote, but I like it, so now it is. I am also going to play the lead in it, well, that's if Equity approves my Special Appearance Contract application. Oh God, got to get that done. So, right now I am working on all the paperwork and with the writer on rewrites. Her name is Fay, and she is a very talented woman and friend. So, being that Fay the hurricane didn't actually hurt us much on the beach, she came in a form of a playwright to reak havoc on the Art Community here. Just Kidding. It will be a "works in progress", and that is even more exciting. I'll tell you all more about it as it comes into fruition.