Monday, September 28, 2009


Welcome October! Whew! Made it through another September. The hottest and slowest, tourist wise, in Florida. Well, we made a mistake moving into a house that was promised to us as a nice place to live. Jeez, if you call 90 degrees and high humidity inside with three air conditioners feeding FPL, nice, or using a plunger after washing dishes, brushing your teeth, showering, nice, or blow drying your hair in the kitchen because of burnt out outlets in the bathroom and bedrooms, nice, well then you would have a hey day in this ol' beach shack. So we are moving again. We were going to rent to own, but the owners came back with a very unrealistic price. Yeah, maybe after we fixed it up! No, it's not on the gulf side, because we know you pay for that. It is situated near the back bay where a high rise condo blocks any view you might have of water. Except for the lake that grows in your front yard after just a daily storm. Yikes! My Mustang! The growling and barking by three big, mean, dogs hounds you every day and night. If the dogs aren't barking than their owner is screaming at them. Not to mention the darkness that breeds depression. Even the dog is depressed. NICE! Anyway, moving sucks, but it will be nice to live on a quieter block and in a place with all new fixtures and cabinets, and, Yes, central air. Well if you think this is venting, you may be right, but I see it as recalling two months of hell. So, welcome sweet October, new job, new place, cooler weather and another year older. Well, that part is to be questioned. Looking forward to nesting again in our little bit of Paradise.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gulfshore Playhouse

Just auditioned for two roles in two different plays for the Gulfshore Playhouse in Naples. Went well, but won't know for a couple of weeks. I will keep you all posted. Their season starts with "Honour", "Beau Jest", and "A Dolls House". See if you can quess which roles I auditioned for. I am also involved in their Outreach Program for the Schools. I start teaching on September 28th. Little ones in the second grade. Teaching them Improvisation and Theater games. It's all about teaching acting to kids that involve literature, writing, and research. Sounds like fun!