Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just My Style

There's a cute little dress shop on the beach here that a friend of mine runs. It's called "Beach Girls Boutique" and it has the cutest clothes, lovely jewelry and very different handbags that I have ever seen here in Florida. Those of you in the Fort Myers area need to check it out. It's housed in a pink building right on Estero Blvd next to Hooters. It's got unique dresses and shirts. I love the new press style of clothing that is housed there. Something for every woman. Especially for the young at heart. Just my style.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Family Vacation; A Thrill Ride

Every year I look forward to our family vacation. This stop, Disney World and Universal Studios. Unless I go to NYC or Utah, I hardly ever get to see my brother and sister and their families, so I look forward to it. My favorite ride is The Rock-n-Roll Roller Coaster, featuring Aerosmith on the radio as you drive with them to their concert in L.A.. This was a thrilling roller coaster vacation as we climbed in and rode many roller coasters in Universal Studios. Even Mom loves roller coasters. I sat one out, but mom didn't. The kids always want to go again and again. I stop when my stomach reaches my throat. Good Idea, huh? This year a special treat was in store for us. We got to meet George Lucas. He and his companion approached my brother, saying they love the show. He was as excited as the kids. We were all star struck. It was so cool. Mr. Lucas is an icon and meeting him and his family was as thrilling as the roller coasters.