Friday, February 25, 2011

Private Coaching from my home to yours!

Yay! I'm back on Estero Island, my home. Just two more weeks of recovery and I am back to work. Classes start on March 10th from 6-8pm at Introublezone Studio in the John Mirazzi Nissan bldg. 2nd floor in Naples. I am so looking forward to teaching again. I have missed it so much. Although a couple of coaching gigs have worked out nicely.

Now is the time for kids to prepare for Acting School Auditions across the country. If anyone is interested in Skype Coaching please let me know or write me. Click on Contact on the front page of this website. I hear that coaches are now being able to coach students no matter where they reside. I am fully equipped for this project and if I get enough interest I will set up a paypal button and then proceed to Skype you at a designated time. The cost will also be determined. I will help you prepare for your School entry auditions by getting your two contrasting monologues in tip top shape. Homework will be given after each session, and should be completed by the next session. This will help us move on in a timely matter. You will most likely need at least 5 hourly sessions. Two for each monologue and one for audition practice. Although, more sessions are encouraged for finely tuned monologues. This project will benefit any student looking to get in Acting Schools in NYC, L.A., NC, Orlando, etc. while living in anytown USA.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Well, things went really well regarding my hip replacement surgery. It was two weeks ago yesterday and I am right on track recovery wise. Although, my brain is wanting to do much more than I am able to physically yet. Thank God for my family and husband. Everyone is concerned and helping out in any way they can. Mom is the best. I am currently staying with her, because I have lots of stairs to climb and my husband is very busy working. I am quite homesick for the beach, but I know that when I get back there I will be able to once again enjoy it. Long walks and bicycle rides with my man.
Today I will be coaching another very talented young woman. She is working on her monologues for an audition to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. It will be so nice to get back to work again. I am so looking forward to at least coaching. Classes will have to wait until I am able to drive again. Hopefully in the first week of March. Thank you all for your concern, prayers and wishes. Stay healthy and happy!