Monday, September 22, 2008

Life on the Beach

Imagine a starry night
big dipper and Lil dipper
in sight
zodiac signs showing their lights
as lightning strikes over
the warm gulf waters
suddenly a star falls
from the sky
This is so lovely
This is so amazing
This is life on the beach

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricanes and Politics

Its been quite scary down here in Florida the last couple of months. Thank God we have been spared the horror of devastating hurricane hits. Unfortunately other states on the Gulf have not been that lucky. I am so saddened by anyone that has to reap the dangers of being in these horrific storm's path. I am also saddened that the election in November is escalating racism. I am appalled by the racist emails I have been receiving from people that call themselves conservative. I really believed that this election would prompt a growth in the way people think about gender and race. Oh god, and then enter Sarah Palin a man in a woman's body. Can you believe that in a new millennium our country is still controlled by man's beliefs? In a man's world having an attractive woman that thinks like a man for Vice President is their way of supporting women's rights. Ugh. Thank god there are men and women out there that see right through her and support the rights of women that our grandmothers, mothers and ourselves have fought hard for. Living in a free country means to me that a government will not control what I choose to do with my body, what I choose to write, create, display or speak about, and what I choose to believe in. These things are very important to me and my family. Other issues including health care, the war, the economy and oil drilling off the beautiful coastline I now reside on, keeps my political beliefs on the left. As we have seen by the past natural disasters, Mother Nature holds no prejudice. Just something to think about.