Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vincent and Toni Charity

They are now taking donations for a $1. Please support this cause! go to donations and click on 10-4 Campaign for your $1 or more donation. Thank you from the D'Onofrio siblings.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

While I'm waiting on my next project

Hello all,

What a blast it was to direct, "Talk Radio" for the Theater Conservatory of Florida. Now, I would like to talk about a very important upcoming event in Utah. As you all probably know, my brother, Vincent and sister, Toni, are in the midst of raising money for The Meth Cops Project. There will be a fundraiser in Utah on April 10th, starring George Geronimo Gerkie and friends. If you are a fan of Vincent's or just interested in supporting a great cause. Please purchase tickets for this event.

They need your help. They are also looking for sponsorship for those of you with the big bucks!

The best of luck, Toni and Vincent. Lots of love, your sister, Elizabeth

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Word from the Director

The realistic, contemporary play, "Talk Radio" stands out in the midst of surrounding local theater's classical choices. Opening Night went off a bit shaky at the beginning, but got back on track and provided a very entertaining show. Friday night was flawless and Saturday's energy was a bit low. Coming from a more professional background community theater has its ups and downs. Sets and lighting are made due with what you have to work with in the basement of the theaters. My main focus was on the actors, and they all delivered much more than their lines. I am very lucky to have the focused, energetic, local experienced actor, J Mitchell Haley as Barry Champlain. He drives the train with humor, and rage as his producer, Dan, (Steven Pawlowski) Assistant Producer, Linda, (Mahli Howell) Operator, Stu, (Don Manley) and engineer, Spike, (Kevin Igar), and the Callers (Dan McWeeny, Angel Stokey, Elliott Ashton, Cash DeCuir, and Abe De La Rosa) all give him the necessary fuel for "His Show".

We have had a pretty good turnout so far and many many audience members stuck around at the end of the show to congratulate the actors and myself. Kudo's were expressed as "Great Show", "Very Entertaining", and even "You should take this on the road" were just some of the nice feedback we received from a local audience. Many of them unknown to me, since this is my first project with The Laboratory Theater of Florida. All in all, I am very proud of my actors and the great show they provide. As an Acting Coach I wish I had more time to work with some of the weaker actors, but rehearsal time is just that and it's impossible to teach a entire technique in the time span provided. It's not over yet. Three more shows including tonight. Here's to "The smell of the greasepaint, and the roar of the crowd". I'm loving it!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Talk Radio

The Laboratory Theater of Florida and The Sydney and Berne Davis Art Center present, Eric Bogosian's, Talk Radio. Opening tonight March 11th at 8pm. Under the direction of Elizabeth D'Onofrio. Starring Mitch Haley as "Barry Champlain", Mahli Howell as "Linda", Steven Pawlowski as "Dan", Don Manley as "Stu", Kevin Igar as "Spike", Cash De Cuir as "Kent". Cast of 10 also includes, Dan McWeeney, Elliott Ashton, Angel Stokey, and Abe De La Rosa. The play will run March 11,12,13th and 18, 19, 20.

Monday, March 8, 2010

They got the Oscar

Wooo! Weee! They won. Congratulations to all involved in "The New Tenant". Especially to my dear friend, Erica Hampson. Sorry they didn't show you all dressed up and girly, although I am sure you were lovely. Now back to "Talk Radio". We are set to open on Thursday, March 11th. Things are coming along great. I'm going to have marathon rehearsals for the next three days. Thank God for my lead, Mitch Haley. He has loads and loads of lines and all eyes are constantly on him. At this point, I would like to thank the whole cast for coming together to build the set and the play. Mitch Haley, Mahli, Don Manley, Steven Pawlowski, Elliot, Angel, Abe De La Rosa, Kevin Igar, Dan McWeeney, and Cash DeCuir. Your a handful but a pool of talent. "Break a leg"

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Academy Award Nomination

The short film, "The New Tenants", produced by my friends, Erika Hampson and Sam Bisbee and featuring my bro, Vincent is nominated for an Academy Award. Congratulations to you all that were involved. Anyone can see this film on itunes. Check it out! See ya at the Oscars!