Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Official

Yay! Vincent is coming down to Naples to do a workshop with me and to show his film, "Don't Go In The Woods". Details coming soon.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Possible Workshop at Naples International Film Festival

The arrangements are being made to bring Vincent down to Naples to show his film, "Don't Go In the Woods", and to do a workshop with me. Yay! I need your help though. I never know what ages are going to show up for the workshops, so I never know if I have enough sides. If any of you are playwrights or Screenplay writers. Please send me a one or two page scene for two people to be read by participants of the workshop that will be critiqued by Vincent and I. Any ages. Most likely from about 17years old to Senior Citizens. This is not an official announcement. The Festival is working on seeing if they can do it still, but I can always use sides for my classes. The Festival is in early November. So I'm a month out for preparation. Just send the sides with a little background to There is a contact button on my homepage. I also can't wait to read new works. I am sure there is some great talent out there. Thank you!