Sunday, May 23, 2010


I've gotten some inquiries about Workshops in other cities. This is what I would need in order to conduct a workshop in a city near you. First off, either you contract me with airfare, accommodations, studio space and transportation plus a 500.00 fee or 1,000.00 internationally. Then you can sell the tickets at whatever price you will need to make your money back. Or, I will need to be guaranteed at least 10 students at $150.00 each paid in advance and help finding a reasonable studio space in your area. I have previously conducted workshops in Asheville, NC, Dallas, TX, Miami and Tampa, FL, Philadelphia, PA, NYC, and San Francisco, CA and Evansville, IN. I love to travel so that will never be an issue. I just need to make it worth my while financially, because it is always worth my while emotionally. I am always guaranteed at least 10 people in NYC, that is why it has become an Annual Workshop. This year we are almost up to the limit. 20 Students. Thanks to the help of agents and Instructors in the area. Would love to come to your city. If it is out of the country then I would definitely need to be contracted and/or sponsored. Hope to meet and work with you all in a city near you.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Coming Soon

Less than a month away, Elizabeth D'Onofrio's NYC Acting Workshop. Space is limited. Please sign up on Workshop page. June 12th 1-5pm at Simple Studios, 134 West 29th Street, bet 6th and 7th avenues. Lots of fun this year. Special guests has been known to show up before and help with critique. Be the best you can be. Let your star shine at auditions.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dolphins - Fort Myers Beach, FL

Oil Spills and Hurricanes

Yikes! Not only does Florida have to worry about being devastated by Hurricanes every summer, now we have a man made problem with oil making it's way down the Gulf. Funny how we haven't heard a word from the big mouth, Sarah Palin during these rough times. "Spill Baby Spill", Palin. Now what the hell you gonna do about it? Sure, blame something else on Obama. That seems to be all you people out there do to cover up your careless spewing of the mouth. Do I sound angry? Well, I am. I live on a beautiful white sandy beach where the economy is already in trouble like the rest of the country. We do not need oil to cover our pristine beaches and affect the wild life of the Gulf and the tourism here. Yesterday, I saw four dolphin frolicking just yards away from me and a huge stingray pop out of the water. Will I be rescuing them in just weeks away? God, I hope not. Not to mention the beautiful birds of all sorts that have made the beach their home. If we don't get the effects of the spill, somewhere in Florida will. This is an unfortunate reality and caused by man. We do not have enough knowledge of the devastation that oil drilling entails. Although, we are learning the hard way. Listen to the cries of the wildlife and stop this nonsense once and for all!